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30 July 2008 @ 05:15 pm
Linen PSA  
I'm shortly off to Pennsic, but fabrics-store.com is having a sale on 20 yard bolts of whites and naturals, which is precisely what a lot of you have been requesting. Here's the deal:


All the popular fabric weights:

  • Light weight 3.5 ounces/yard IL020 100% linen
  • Medium weight 5.3 ounces/yard IL019 100% linen
  • Heavy weight 7.1 ounces/yard 4C22 100% linen
  • Super Heavy weight 8 ounces/yard IL090 100% linen

The utmost necessary colors:

  • Bleached
  • Bleached Softened
  • Natural
  • Natural Softened

Easy-to-order 20-yard bolts and discounted 10%! on sale only for this week until Sunday the 3rd.

Enter here to go directly to the discounted bolts and save 10%!


Please note that this is a public service announcement only - I am not coordinating an order at this time, but please order some on your own if you would like to do so.  Using the code "ilovelinen" will get an additional percent off at the checkout.

(If you want a heavy weight (~7 oz) natural and can wait until after War, I do still have some of that at $4.50/yard...)

Happy sewing!
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