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01 September 2008 @ 11:35 pm
A Short Tale of a Long Weekend  
It was nice to have a three day weekend, but I really could use a few more days...

Friday after work, I met up with[info]ego_id_non_feci  and we drove up to the Resort for Fish Fry. We were joined by[info]damej,[info]mightyjesse, [info]teffan,[info]dread_ex,[info]doc_jock,[info]cass_lee and other friends, so it was a full and joyful night. Well, night into morning. Several of us stayed up conversing until full after 6AM. The late night/early morning of course meant that Saturday got off to a late and groggy start. Eventually,[info]teffan , ego_id_non_feci ,[info]dread_ex and I all went to a bookstore in Green Lake, Castle Arkdale or Happy Tales Bookshop. It is a nifty place in the middle of nowhere, but apparently well enough known to do a brisk business. The main building is a converted manure silo that has been made to look like a castle and there are nearly a dozen outbuildings that house books, but sadly only two contain the books for sale. We spent some time perusing the bookshelves, but the enormity of the place, coupled with its questionable organization made it difficult to really evaluate the stock. My OCD was twitching hardcore about fifteen minutes in and I almost immediately began unconsciously assessing how best to go about cataloging and organizing the stock. Luckily, I was not the only one to express such a desire, so even if I am OCD, at least I was in good company. In the end, I got off pretty lightly, all things considered - my tab cme to forty-odd dollars and that is including one antique book and two presents. I'll need to go again when I have more time, more sleep, and a printout of my current library holdings.




Saturday night was to be New Year's at the Resort. The original plan called for[info]teffan and I to go to Madison for the afternoon and collect some costume pieces for the 50's theme from my house or St Vinnies. However, instead we had semi-unintentional naps and I opted to forgo the costume. teffan  looked great, though!


The party was sort of a bust anyway, with many of the people we were interested in hanging out with either having to work through the party or being antisocial in some manner. Besides, the bar was packed, loud and smokey - we hung out n the porch for awhile, but then the mosquitos finally chased me back to the room. I ended up spending the night with Thoreau and Anna Quindlen. I love Thoreau, but he is best read in short bursts, with time to contemplate in between. As it turns out, Quindlen was a good foil - bolstering his points in some places, making his arguments more contemporary in others, and drawing attention to potenital flaws in others. Eventually teffan  came back to the room and we went to sleep - late, but much earlier than the day before.

Sunday, we got up, went for brunch and then headed back to Madison before too long. I ended up having a not-so-productive day, but it improved when[info]mightyjesse came over. I at least got some sewing and a grocery trip in and then saw 6AM again after getting sucked into working on an online project.

Monday, I slept in appallingly late and then spent the rest of the afternoon sewing Japanese garb. The mosquito bites I had gotten while sitting on the porch at the Resort were making me crazy, though. I had tried diphenhydramine over night but, even so, they were bad all day long. I had dinner out with Blue and then cleaned out the refrigerator. Dinner was great, the cleaning not so much. I have a new theory out of the experience, though - Creationists tend to be conservatives who favor a "traditional" lifestyle and that often means the wife stays home. I think this has less to do with family values and more to do with a fulltime homemaker keeping track of what is in the frige and so making it less likely that the family will be confronted with evidence of evolution in their own homes. ;P

Or maybe that's just the Benedryl talking. I should get to bed for my antihistamine-fueled blackout and bizzaro dreams.

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dread_exdread_ex on September 2nd, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
That book store was amazing. I want to go back when I can see better.
It was fun hanging out with you.
DameJdamej on September 3rd, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)
It was good to see everyone on Friday night. Great fun.