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23 November 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Wobbly Weekend  
Well, the ups and downs of the weekend have been somewhat dramatic.

Friday, I was at home working on various little projects. I had just finished a cosmetic repair in the laundry room when the dryer began emitting an odd smell and making a weird noise. That load was almost done, so I unloaded it, cleared the lint trap, fiddled with the vent, and added a new load. Still making an unhappy noise. I puttered with it. Nothing. I jiggled it. Nope. I kicked it. Nada. :P However, having exhausted what I knew how to do and since I had other things to get done, I decided I would need to leave it to be looked at by a professional on Monday. Not something that is really in the budget, but not much to be done for it. However, the later part of Friday made up for it somewhat - I went out to the Brocach and had a lovely dinner, in regards to both food and company.

Saturday morning pretty much just did not happen. I'm not really a morning person, so that was just fine with me, however, between a late start, an underestimate of how long it would take to get to site and horrid Chicago traffic, I got to the Midrealm Bardic Madness site considerably later than intended. Still, the parts of the event we did get to were a lot of fun - the site was beautiful as always, the challenges were interesting, the concert was a lot of fun, and dinner (an ordered-in pizza) was delightful - thanks to grnjenny  for the recommendation and ordering of out tasty dinner and ingusmoen  and others for the company. Afterward, we went to the postrevel at Cerian's house. Theoretically, it was supposed to be "just for a bit" since we were returning to Madison that night and I was afraid the cat content of the house would mess with my allergies, but it was after 1AM before we headed out and 4AM before we got back to Madison. The house was chilly upon our arrival, but since the thermostat was turned down, I simply turned it up and headed to bed, a late end to a truly splendid day!

Sunday started late as well, but delightfully so... Sadly, once I finally got up, the house was still seriously chilly. I turned up the thermostat again, and headed out for lunch at Laredos. However, by 5PM, the house was well and truly cold and it was clear that the furnace had serious issues - the house was at about 55 degrees. Brrr! I waffled for a bit about calling an emergency repair guy tonight or sucking it up and waiting until tomorrow. Finally, the "expense" of taking time off tomorrow and the cold tonight outweighed the extra cost of the Sunday night repair guy. Or at least outweighed difference in the repair call costs. The broken part cost $400 extra. Ooof. At least the guy from the company goldfrog  recommended was efficient, nice, competant, and let me watch to see how the furnace worked or, in this case, didn't. Expensive education...

So, now the house is finally warming up and soon I'll be off to my chilly bed. Tomorrow I'll have to deal with disasters at work and try to see if kumakun  and I can have better luck fixing the dryer than I did on Friday... it's going to be a long week, I think. :P

Still... even with the house-related trauma and some minor physical damage, I'm pleased with the weekend as a whole.

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Splottsplott on November 24th, 2008 04:55 am (UTC)
Glad you had a good time at the event, sorry to hear about broken things. It sounds like the belt on your dryer, should be an easy fix for the right person.