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01 April 2009 @ 11:24 pm
Link Puke  
I've been doing A LOT of online research the past week or so and some of it I just HAVE to share and some I am recording for my own later use.

Viking Hoard, including some interesting "buttons" and associated silks in Dunmore, County Kilkenny - Info here, here, and here. Sadly, limited info for now. However, since it is not related to the current question, I'll have to chase down more info later. (Note to self: Medieval Clothing and Textiles 2, Netherton and Owen Crocker page 30 has citations for these items.
Attention fiber geeks! A searchable database of extant Early Anglo-Saxon Cloth and Clothing - both garments and fragments, compiled by Penelope Rogers. Have fun. :)
I have found some neat stuff while cleaning out my storage spaces, but not a Viking sword!

There are some really neat finds from the Old Scatness Broch - I just with they had more info online! Related research - including Orkney, Shetland, Faroe islands.

A newly-discovered cache of saint's relics in a portable altar. Very cool.

A living Luttrell Psalter video.

And an online gallery of manuscripts at the Philadelphia Library

As if the Tudor Tailor was not tasty enough, they have come out with a second book - The King's Servants - a book on men's clothing at the beginning of the reign of Henry VIII. Drool. Not to be published until June, dammit.

And two print sources:

I found a new citation for the Trewiddle Horde - David M. Wilson, Catalogue of Antiquities of the Later Saxon Period (London: British Museum Publications, 1964), no. 91. Does anybody have that by any chance?

Plus a similar technique used as a garment edging in 189 James Graham-Campbell, "Tenth-century Graves: The Viking-age Artefacts and their Significance," in Excavations on St. Patrick's Isle, Peel, Isle of Man. Can I just declare my love for Mr. Graham-Campbell right now and be done with it. The man puts out some particularly tasty books and articles, I'm just saying...

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