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30 March 2009 @ 11:41 pm
Weekend of Ups and Downs  
Well, in sum it was a good weekend, if not entirely according to plan.

Thursday, I stayed home from work because I was planning on going to Ides of March, an eight hour drive from Madison, and I was miserably stuffed up from a cold again. (I swear, I don't know what has been up this winter - I have been more consistently ill with stoopid viruses than ever before in my life...) regular applications of zinc, Vitamin C, and the neti pot worked wonders, however. Friday I spent in Sioux Falls working on my project for the A&S Throwdown at Ides and then going out to a local bar where some friends and friends of friends were playing. It made for a late, but enjoyable night.

Saturday, we hit the road at a reasonable hour and headed out to the site. Since there had been no schedule available, I had been concerned that I was going to miss the Throwdown. (I was mocked for my anal-retentive need for a schedule, but I am used to having things happen at a set time, dammit, and I'd put a lot of time into my entry, so I was a little anxious. :P) As it turns out, the mocker was correct - it had not started by the time we got there. Sadly, I soon also found out that it was not going to happen at all, since the instigators were all trapped in Fargo by the flooding. Sadness. Completely understandable, but still sad. I hope they decide to hold it at another future event and I hope it will be one I can attend... With no down-n-dirty A&S fun to be had, I spent the day working on some sewing projects and kibitzing with the other string-folks. There had been some rapier (two fighters) in the morning, but we arrived too late and I had not grabbed my gear out of the car anyway. Heavy weapons had four or five combatants and I think at least one authorization. We did run an A&S bean count, so there was at least some A&S goodness, which made me feel somewhat better. A mid-afternoon ice cream run was a highlight of the afternoon though - I have no idea how long it has been since I've had a Blizzard. Nummy. Feast was also nummy and the ice cream didn't even ruin my supper. :) We stopped by the "postrevel" at the local hotel, but the hot tub was FULL of soap suds but barely lukewarm. Plus, the hot tub was populated by some working men who were feeding beers to clearly underage kids, so I went to go hang out in the hotel room with missdoom  and S - we were shortly joined by most of the other SCA folks who were also creeped out by the underagers. We got back to SooFoo quite late, but I managed to stay awake all the way home after being drawn (baited?) into an involved peerage/politics discussion. A good day, if not quite what I'd planned.

Sunday was quieter - sleeping in, brunch, lazing about, bottling some mead, out for a very nice dinner, a movie, and bed at a reasonable hour. Monday morning I got up, took my leave from my host, collected zarhooie  for a nice brunch at the Cracker Barrel, and then drove home. Other than the high winds (oi! my aching shoulder! I'd already slept on it wrong the night before!) and the adventure with the Pit of Undercarriage Despair (see previous post), the drive was uneventful. I'm actually coming to like the long road trips, in a way. I like listening to NPR and, in the few places where I can't get NPR in clearly, I'm remembering that there ARE some flavors of country music I don't hate. (gasp!) I still detest the old whiney stuff and the new I-wanna-be-a-pop-star-in-cowboy-boots stuff, but there is some pretty good stuff out there now and again and in the vast expanses of southern Minnesota, usually one of the 16 country stations you can get at any point is playing something acceptable. But then, I'm often a complete sucker for a story, a melody, and a guitar. Double points if there's a fiddle. Dinner tonight was oh-so-exciting leftovers of a dinner I made. On one hand, I know I get spoiled on my weekends away, but on the other, any day when I get cheesy hashbrowns TWICE, I really can't complain.

'Night all.

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