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20 May 2009 @ 12:14 am
Warning: Prairie Dogs Carry Plague  
The road back from Quest was a bit longer than the road out, but pleasantly so. I had never been to Wall Drug while they were properly open, and my kind companion indulged my desire to see it. The "pharmacy museum" was distinctly underwhelming, but now I've seen it and don't need to repeat it. :P

We also detoured through the Badlands, which I also had never seen, and that was a lot more fun. Even the signage - see subject line - was amusing. We got out to walk at a few of the trails and had the perfect day for a stroll - it was warm and sunny, but not oppressively hot. I only took a few pictures, but the views were stunning. Amazing what a little water and a little time will do, eh?

Back in Sioux Falls, we unloaded the car, loaded my car, ordered a pizza, and quickly were done for the night.

Monday, I got to sleep in a bit, worked for a little while, got caught up on email, wished my host good luck and good-bye and then hit the road. I made my customary detour to have brunch (well, lunch this time) with zarhooie  and, as a bonus bit of luck, got to see Miss Appleflan on campus. Finally, I was off and returned to Madison about 10PM on Monday. A very, very full couple days, but enjoyable.

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