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22 May 2009 @ 02:47 am
Busy days at Eithni's Hotel for Wayward Girls  

Oi. What a few days!

MSC and his lady arrived while I was out of town at Quest but we got to spend a little time together before he went back South on Wednesday afternoon.

Then, after work on Wednesday, there was a quick reconfiguration of the guest spaces and changing of linens and cleaning for three new guests. Roscelyn and her two Megans came to the SP Wednesday night (just in time to see the TW championship) and will be with me through the weekend.

Today, I played hookey from work to enjoy the sunshine, to clean, and to plant the plants that came in the mail Monday (mmmm... currants and lingonberries...) Tonight, we had a baronial BBQ with bonus Bardic material since I'd invited the choir to practice at my place instead of the Union and they were reviewing some NS campfire favorites. It was crazy fun with lots O' folks, old stories, and laughing until late.

Tonight, I also learned that absinthe will take the finish off a wood table...

And tomorrow us ARRG... at least that is mostly hosted at another "hotel" - still, a busy week indeed!