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25 May 2009 @ 12:56 am
Three Nights Drunk - BBQ and AARG  
It's been a busy extended weekend...

Thursday night, I hosted a BBQ for jcwhitaker  and her friends. It was a good time, with a lot of meat (mmm.... meat and carcinogens!) and singing, both choral and bardic. After the bulk of folks left, we sampled absinthe, margaritas, mojitos, and more... probably a bit too much more, but a fitting beginning to the weekend's festivities. I packed hurriedly and then headed to bed since I had to work in the morning.

Friday started with work (ugh). Usually, I don't work on Fridays, but for the summer I have traded some days with my co-worker so she can enjoy long weekends with her hubby. On one hand, this means I had an extra day to come home from Quest this Monday but on the other hand, it meant I went to work with not enough sleep, not enough done and the world's worst packing job in my car. It literally was about as "full" as it was en route to Quest because things were just randomly tossed in. :P Work was work, but soon I escaped, picked up mightyjesse , some booze, and the Jara sunshade and headed north. We got there just in time for our reservation and sat down to enjoy the Fish Fry. Oi. While the fish was as good as ever, the service, which I *thought* had hit an all-time low a couple years ago, was wretched. I made the executive decision that we should raid the salad bar before we knawed off our own arms and that helped at least. Friday night was pretty casual, with some basic prep for the morning, some chattering until late, and of course some tasty drinks until Don G kicked us out of the bar at closing time. 

Saturday began a little damp with evidence of a night-time rain and occasional spitting from the sky, but it never got heavy enough to seriously impede the fun. Thanks to arebekah  and others for providing such a lovely lunch - as usual, it was wonderful to come in off the field to something warm and tasty. The Princess' Sleeve Tourney in the afternoon was fun, particularly because of the A&S/service component (but I'm a dork like that). It was loooong, but I think generally well enjoyed. Congrats to Edward, the new Sleeve holder! And congrats to the Jara fencers - many of you fought really quite well and made me proud to see you on the field!

Unfortunately, Saturday dinner was an even bigger debacle than the night before - we were asked to come back 20 minutes after the original reservation and, although we complied, it still was something like an hour and a half or more from when we were seated to when we got our dinners. :/ Again, the salad bar to the rescue... I was tipsy and hungry from whisk(e)y, but I really pitied the fighters... As it was, I was not over-fond of the chicken parmigana (and, yes, I really did order the chicken parmigana this year ;P) - it is significantly different from Sandy's and I think I may need to find a new favorite on the menu. Again, the evening picked up again post-dinner. We had some drinkies, then my "torchlight tourney" with the torches in question being a car's headlamps because the ground was too firm to put in the torches. I had lovely little foam swords for folks to beat one another with and we had a glorious drunken time. Each round of the reverse warlord tourney* featured a round of drinks for the winners, including some fun ice cubes I had been stockpiling the last week or so. (For those of you that asked, the cranberry-concentrate "rubies" were from this mold and the absinthe's skulls and crossbones from this mold. As a side note- if anyone is interested in ordering a set, note that they are *not* dishwasher safe like may other silicone products - my molds met with a well-intentioned but unfortunate accident this weekend...) Utterly silly fun, but a good way to kick off the partying. I stayed up drinking and talking until late, but slid into "observational mode" around midnight and was less social than I often am. Sometimes it is fascinating to just watch social interactions and reflect upon them and I had a good deal to think about...

Sunday, I was a lazy bump and slept in. Unfortunately, this meant I missed mightyjesse 's authorization bout as I thought she was just headed out to practice and didn't know that ego_id_non_feci  would be a big fat bully and push her into authorizing. ;) The rest of the day was casual, with several planned tourneys and an impromptu one that allowed Her Highness to shoot a lot of "revolting peasants." What a fun event! Thanks to ego_id_non_feci (site steward), damej (gate), otesmacke (web master), cass_lee and iarroganti  (tourney sponsors) and all the others who made it possible by working as staff, marshals, or tourney hosts. We finally left site around 6:30 and stopped by to pester sirzig  and get a burger on the way home. I helped mightyjesse  with some WW things and ought to have been working on my own, but I have been lazy and so now need to address that tomorrow.

In all, an excellent weekend, but I'm glad to have a bonus day tomorrow to catch up on responsibilities!


*Reverse Warlord Tourney - everyone starts as "in" and the pool is divided into two equal teams, which then have a melee against one another. The team with the last gentle(s) standing wins. That team is then resurrected and subdivided into two teams (additional players conscripted from the audience if the sides need evening out) and the scenario repeats until there are only two fighters left, who then go best two out of three for the status of Warlord. The dark and the drunk and the silliness only added to the confusion and general mayhem, resulting in a disorganized but wicked good time.

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jcwhitaker on May 26th, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)
THANKS AGAIN! And we are still SO sorry about the molds. :(
PS - I second the chicken parm comment...I was quite disappointed.
eithni: greeneithni on May 26th, 2009 06:18 am (UTC)
No worries - as shown above, they are easily replaced.

Sile and I went out for dinner tonight and I got a replacement Chicken Parm too, so all is right with the world.