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14 July 2009 @ 11:38 pm
A Baroness' Eye View of WWXVI  
As usual, WW passed in a blur of activity and fun -

I ended up taking Tuesday off when I realized that I just had too much to prep and I didn't want to go into WW exhausted and/or stressed. I slept in, packed, worked from home a little, packed the car, and hit site by about 6PM. The evening was mostly consumed with setting up my encampment and planning out the Authentic Encampment.
The weather was COLD and DAMP and sadly much of what I was working on was painting, so things took much longer than I'd planned since each coat of paint took forever to dry. :/ I sort of wished I'd stayed home where I could have painted in a more controlled environment where the paint would dry faster and my joints would not hurt as much, but at least on site I had some assistance and some good company. Evening was the staff dinner, finishing plotting the AE, and some sewing before heading to bed in my amazingly cold tent.
As always, WW started entirely too early. Her Excellency Nordskogen and I opened troll in order to welcome the first arrivals. Due to the extreme simplicity of the troll procedure, we were able to speed people through so fast, most needed to be reassured that they were indeed done. Thursday afternoon I did some shopping, worked on the lettering on the AE signs and otherwise enjoyed myself. valkyr8  made some awesome dinner in the AE and we whiled away the evening with good food and good company. As usual, I went to bed early and that hussy Marion came out to host Warda's birthday party. I had bought more booze and mixers this year than last, but once again, people drank the bar dry and didn't even immediately disperse when the lights were turned out. It was a late night, but a good one...
What a way to start the day! A windstorm ripped through camp and pulled down a number of tents. I was lucky in that I had not staked down the doors of my tent (all the extras were holding down the gridlines for the AE) so the wind blew right through at floorlevel, which I was able to calmly observe from my little bed about a foot and a half off the ground. I made an attempt to be helpful, but by the time I got my eyes in, everything seemed to be battened down, so I went back to sleep to wait out the storm. The day was pretty quiet, mostly sewing and socializing, but it all got rolling with Baronial Court. A lot of folks were still out enjoying the event and not in Court, so I will have some catch-up awards to do in the coming weeks. ilaifire  and I ran off-site for a little dinner and air conditioning between Court and the Open House, which turned out to be an excellent choice.  The Open House was full of tasty goodness and I even got to sample some of Ivetta's brewing challenge entrants (Mmmm... spiced maple Scotch...) Some of my AE residents showed up at dusk, so I recruited some young fellows to assist and got them unpacked and set up before heading off to the Bad Baroness Tourney. Oh! I got so close this year! Even without actively recruiting, I had two of the final five fighters and Duke Tarrach (who was fighting under my sponsorship, but for Fina, as always) made it to the finals. Alas and Woe! That naughty Baroness Abbey Kegslayer was proven the Baddest Baroness on the field. I guess I'll just have to practice once I no longer need to be as respectable. ;) The evening was rounded out by stopping by the GreyFox party, assisting a gentle in emotional distress, visiting the Vigil, and dropping the new Jara Pavilion to protect it from a thretening storm. Bed was early, but I was exhausted...

I woke in time to prep for the Whim AND see most of Wulfgar's knighting. We had moved the Whim to the morning and while we still had several dozen fighters, the population was down somewhat from previous years. We still had a ton of fun, though, with our Debutante Ball! :) We started with a dance ball, then a reverse warlord tourney, then a few melees. Very silly, very fun... perhaps next year I'll play... From the Whim, I scurried ack to the AE for the AE Open House, then the Sandcastle Competition, then the Laurel Meeting, then Court. Whew! I forgot to change before court, but it was OK, since I was wearing one of my GeekGowns and it was at least yellowish. Things just got more interesting after court, though, since goldfrog  had left site to have her tadpole and I was suddenly helping to get her stuff packed, her sister to Madison, taking over necessary autocrat functions if needed, and dealing with another emotional meltdown. arebekah  fed me a tasty dinner and then I was off for the Baronial Bardic Championship, which was won byalienorh. (Congrats, lady!) Almost immediately afterward, the news was shouted across the campground - goldfrog  and Duke R had a little girl! I just didn't have the energy to go up to the Shadews party, so I spent the night in or near the AE, enjoying the Reisling Party and watching ro playing chess with Sir Tom, his squires, and valkyr8 . Finally, the fire was buring low and it was getting bitterly cold, so we all retired to our chilly tents.Sunday:
I never want to get up on Sunday morning at WW - it means admitting the event is over - but eventually one must... Clean up went very smoothly and I only had to play the Big Fat Meanie with a few people who were dawdling on site. I was on the road around 5:30PM, I understand ingusmoen was there some time later, but his encampment was the only substantial structure still on site when I fled. I called a few folks on the ride home to stay awake, then crashed as soon as I was in the door. Sadly, I still have not fed the household pixies enough Scotch and the car was still packed when I woke. :/ I dumped everything out into the garage and went for dinner with mightyjesse. Sleep followed almost immediately, work the following morning coming all too soon...

Of course, that is just the barest summary... thanks to everyone who made it a memorable last WW as Baroness!

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dread_exdread_ex on July 15th, 2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
I am sorry I missed your last WW as Jara's baroness.