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25 July 2009 @ 11:00 am
I need an army of clones...  
Where, oh where, has the summer gone?

I mean, looking at my calendar, it's pretty clear, but it's still hard to believe I have only a week before Pennsic and soooo much left to do in that time, not all of it War-related.

Mostly for my own benefit:


Arrange tent delivery for a friend
Dinner with my dad
(dear gods, he turned up half an hour early...)
Clean - some done
Sew - some done (see below)
Write/submit Skein letter - dammit. I knew i was forgetting something. Tomorrow. :/

Grocery Shopping

Party Prep
Project Prep
Write/submit Skein letter


Party Prep
Host shower

Clean - started - thanks damej and cass_lee! still need to do the dishes...
Sew - some done

Sew like a crazed maniac
Class Notes
General meeting

Now, to a certain extent, this is my own fault for procrastinating and for having an improbably long to-do list. I almost have enough garb for the week, definitely enough if I give up on being all-linen, all-handsewn all the time. However, I need some stuff to lend to other folks, I want to make some stuff for other folks, and there are a few items I really need/want. I don't think I'll get it all, but my ideal list is:

Already done this week:
Small jewelry bag (2)
Chair bag (2)
Wool hood
White undertunic - long
White undertunic - short
Oatmeal undertunic - short - completed 7/23
Blanket - completed 7/24
* Handsewing kits- completed 7/24
Red tunic- short - moved to in process 7/25 - completed late 7/25
Green Pants - moved to in process 7/25 - completed early on 7/26

In process:
Green Tunic's embroidery
* Class Handouts for Pictish World - moved to in process 7/24
* Class Kits for Rolled Hem class - moved to in process 7/24

To Do:
Chair Bag
Table Bag
Large Table Bag
Red Bag
* Belt Pouch - actual need - mine is imploding
Periwinkle tunic - short
Blue tunic - short
Blue Striped Pants
Red and black tunic - long

* starred items are actually necessary/urgent.
italicized items are high priority

Extra crap that got done along the way:

Repair armor and shirt in case someone needs to borrow it last minute...
Whipcording kits for classes and further distribution of the madness

Seventeen things... seven days... 2.4 items/day... you know, and work and a party and stuff...
   (Thurs - 1, Fri - 2, Sat - 2, Sun - 0 completed, but several started, Mon- , Tues- , Wed- , Thurs- )

Originally posted Thursday afternoon, updates as we go. ;)

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PonderousMandghall on July 26th, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
Damn, lady. I'd encourage you to relax once you actually get to War, but I know what your intra-war schedule looks like.

Best wishes on getting it all (or darn near most of it) done... and I expect you are good enough at triage to handle it if you don't.
eithni: froggie crowneithni on July 26th, 2009 03:55 am (UTC)
Hee. OK, so I'm predictable. I'll be busy at War too, but I will be busy and enjoying myself. I actually work best under pressure, so I even enjoy some of this frantic stage. ;)

Actually, other than the class stuff and a new belt pouch, items completely within my reach, the rest of the list is purely optional... a challenge never hurt anyone, though!