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15 August 2010 @ 11:38 pm
Pennsic-related resolutions  
1. Print off a copy of the local Pennsic area, including major retail establishments and keep it in the car atlas.

2. When one is the autocrat of a major event in mid-July, one should not develop four (4) new classes for an event that occurs in early August.

3. Try to develop smaller items to bring for A&S, should I enter the display again.

4. Remember the utility of minions and consider hiring them sooner and more often. It gives them more war fundage and prevents personal damage from heat/over exertion.

5. More light-colored tunics are necessary.

6. Going forward, seams will not simply be finished, they will be flat-felled or otherwise tacked down to the garment. I can see the difference and the look of whip-finished or french-seamed seams is beginning to bother me...

7. Spray bottle and extra bottled water should be acquired - ideally a big sprayer for camp and a little one for my class-going purse. Overheating sucks. 

8. Speak sternly to work about war-week morning meetings. 7AM meetings that make me miss a class I really wanted to take are icky.

9. More handouts - print whatever I advertise plus 30%.

10. Consider a two-week war next year. I think it would be fun to do first week classes and to stay through Sunday. I want to drive around Saturday and pick up all the abandoned wood so I can have a bonfire that can be seen from SPACE.
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