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09 September 2010 @ 01:39 am
From Gimli to Bemidji  
I have been essentially offline since about a week and a half ago, mostly because of travel and the Seekrit Projekt. I finally have a few hours for catch-up, so here it goes...

Last week: embroidering until my wrist/hand cramped up or I passed out. Um. Yeah. That's about it.

Thursday night: Travel to Nordskogen to meet up with HrRH, Jeffey, andiarroganti .

Friday: Jeffey and HrRH drive to Gimli while I embroider in the backseat. Dinner in Winnipeg, where we happened to run into HsRH and another SCAdian. Arrival in Gimli, unpacking, war court, embroidery/socializing. I actually attended a very fine class by Douglas of York on tasting wines and meads. Many of the tasting procedures were modern, but helpful and educational. And, you know, I got to do a lot of mead tasting. :) Good stuff and some good geekin'

Saturday: Breakfast, cleanup, find out I am making a presentation in afternoon court, cutting out Seekrit Projekt and sewing. Baronial court, wherein I remember to bring the stuff for TE Castel Rouge, but realize I forgot to get on the court list. I snuck around to ask HsE Nordskogen to discreetly inform the herald of the oversight which I thought was a clever solution - he managed to get me called in, but not particularly discreetly or gracefully. :P (Shoulda asked a girl...) Back to sewing for a bit, but finished the Seekrit Projekt before dinner. Feast was tasty and included at least three bottles of mead per table of 10 people. And dessert included skyr, what more do you want? I went to Tarrach's vigil and was so very honored to be asked to be his Laurel for the ceremony the next day. *squee* I sat by the fire for a bit and dozed off for awhile before heading to bed. On the way to the cabin, I had to pause to wonder at the depths of idiocy occurring at the camp next door - they were burning a mattress and other junk and trying to jump through the bonfire. I say trying since in the time I watched (5 minutes) at least three stepped or fell in the fire. *facepalm* The loud techno at 2AM was sorta special too... 

Sunday: Yay! Relaxing! Breakfast was followed by an ice-cold shower, then court. My little bit did not go off quite as smooth as I had planned, because I chose a seat too far back and after presenting the "scroll" had to run back to get the pile of tools from the pew. Still, a lovely ceremony and I was so glad to be there. After court, I worked on some beading, since my wrist was utterly cashed out for sewing. This was a good thing, though, since all my necklaces recently imploded and needed to be restrung. I think the only one that didn't was the one from Golden Seamstress a few years back and apparently I have suddenly become allergic to that clasp, so now it needs to be restrung as well. Dinner was a super-tasty chili - I thought it was flavorful but with minimal kick. Apparently it nearly killed a few people. :P The evening was full of talking, drinking, and hemming veils for HrRH. (Sufficient quantities of Scotch make sewing seem like a fabulous idea, even if that is what one has been doing for a solid fortnight.) I did not see the burning of the Tunic of Shame, but I am assured video will be posted on YouTube. I may need to link it to my webpage.

Monday: Packing up, driving back to Winnipeg, brunch withzandoria , her hubbin, and our carload. Sadly, both of the large grocery stores were closed, so no Canadian Coke or weird chocolate for me. Poo. Next time I'll know to run into Gimli on Saturday or Sunday. The Warwicks kindly let me sleep over again, so I worked on shoes with Nanny until late, then hit the hay.

Tuesday: Bookstores! Lunch and Ikea with frausensei ! Bookstores! Dinner withiarroganti ! Bookstores! SR Harris! Beer withteffan ! Pass out! Holy man, was Tuesday fun but expensive! Many great finds, some for me, some for others, but half the fun is in hunting. Dinner was at Victory 44, which I can highly recommend. I mean, it's pretty obvious I'm gonna like a place when "Praise the Lard" is boldly painted on the wall as you enter. The food is of the cute-and-artsy sort, but very tasty and the dessert platter was simply amazing - five different little delicious desserts! It was like a mini dessert buffet! Happiness!

Wednesday: I went to the Museum of Science to see the Dead Sea Scrolls since I was a slacker and missed them in Milwaukee. Very cool, but it got pricey - $11 museum admission + $17 Dead Sea Scrolls admission + $8 parking + books. Ooof. Still, it was worthwhile to visit - they really have put together a very nice exhibit. I wish there had been more fragments included (there were about six) and I suspect I was one of only a very few people who spent at least as much time on the textiles as the scroll fragments. :P I need to check the CD ROM I bought and see if it includes any info about the textiles - the exhibit catalog was nicely done, but short and so did not mention them. The St John's Bible (a modern illuminated manuscript currently being produced) was also very interesting and while some of the illuminations were truly beautiful, I think I prefer the more traditional illumination styles... but then I prefer more traditional art in general, so I suppose that follows.

Then there was the drive out to Bemidji - the scenery was lovely, but it's a longish drive to do solo. I checked in to the hotel, got situated, and then did some recon at the local grocery store since some local folks were interested in Viking foods. I had some skyr leftover from Gimli and I picked up some spelt flatcakes, strawberries, and honey to offer an appropriate snack for the "class." I met several local folks at the local telecom offices where we were allowed to use the conference room. I'd brought the best of my books for a Library Road Show and spent the next few hours talking with folks and recommending sources, search sites, and online resources. There was a lot of exclaiming and writing down of ISBNs, so I think I have made the shire poorer, but happier. I taught the ladies EMVS and their squeals of delight brought the fellows over to learn as well. We then went out to dinner and chatted for a bit. In all, a very successful night.

Now I am in my hotel room, I've had a soak in the hot tub, a shower, and a cider. I am wrapped up in my fuzzy robe and I am going to spend the rest of the night sitting in bed getting caught up on email and enjoying some more cider. Bliss.
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corvusjoyouscorvusjoyous on September 9th, 2010 01:48 pm (UTC)
Yay! Glad you're having fun.

I would note that the folks burning the mattress/themselves and blasting techno at 2 were a *mundane* campsite butted up against the one we were using. Just so folks don't get the wrong idea about what happens at Gimli...

Toramassa (sp?) should have a dozen shafts to hand off to you at Coronation.
eithni: do I need to kill you?eithni on September 9th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
Good point. Yes, they were modern idiots.

Should I bring the shafts on Wednesday, or do you need them sooner? I also have a brown shirt and ivory tunic I think is yours...
(no subject) - colinblackthorn on September 10th, 2010 04:18 am (UTC) (Expand)