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03 January 2011 @ 12:22 am
Another New Year Gone  
Well, all for it being a long weekend, it seemed to go by very quickly!

Thursday was full of awesome - I had the day off (thanks to covering for my co-workers vacation, I had some trade-days coming) and so spent it sewing and otherwise relaxing. There's really not too much better in the world than sleeping in. filling the basement with cheerful sewing ladies, going out for STEAK , and then working on little projects until bedtime. I got about half of my planned 12th Night prezzies done - some just need some handwork and I need to devote another day to hard core sewing. I sort of over-did it during the day, though, so the late evening was mostly slacking as my wrist vetoed any real crafty activities.

Friday I slept in, worked on clearing my email queue, talked with my momma, and then ran four thousand and seven errands (only missing one since the store closed early). My mom was supposed to come into town, but due to a bad fall Thursday night (nothing hurt, just bruised and sore) she decided to pass, so my NYE plans were all my own again. I decided on a two-part evening which started with heading over to leleth_faery 's for a wine and cheese tasting. I hit the cheese much more heavily than the wine, since I was planning on party-hopping and the roads were already a little foggy and slick. Mmmmm... weird foreign cheeses. Not a bad way to start the year. :) Then it was off to the resort for fun with MSC and crew. That was mostly a lot of fun, but there was some drama mixed in because apparently that bar breeds it. :P I got my midnight kiss from dread_ex , who was pretty much the best option at the bar, so I win. :) We did not go to sleep until like 4AM, but almost the drama was before 3AM, so there was a pleasant end to the night.

Saturday we got up relatively early - 9:30AM - since that's when breakfast happened. Then we tidied up the bar for the Rose Bowl game and most of us had naps. Afterward, I sewed and folks chatted or played video games. Once the Rose Bowl started, we watched for awhile but eventually I decided I simply didn't care enough and headed back to Madison, where I attended aaron_pike  andrelativelylucid 's games party. That was a lot of fun, even if I have really fat thumbs that made for some spectacularly wrong answers in the quiz show game. :P I'd had a headache and was sleepy all afternoon and I'd blamed it on being up so late the night before, but I wonder if it was not cats+allergy med I took for the cats+the cold I apparently woke up with. *sigh* I scooted home around 11, which is earlish for me, but I was just done.

Sunday I woke up feeling like the plague, so I took some cold meds and went back to bed. The whole day was spent in bed, but I was super productive there! I worked on stuff for the Yule Moot, TeslaCon, Bardic Madness, and WW. There's still tons to do on all of those events (plus Griffin Needle) but I put in a solid 12 hours on event-related documents and email inbox depletion. (I *think* I am finally all caught up now... If you have emailed me some time in the last two months and did not get a response, speak now or forever hold your peace.) However, my "to do" list is now completely out of hand as all of that emailed info has hit my notebooks.

Oi. What do you mean, work tomorrow? I need another four days to get caught up on this stuff!