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04 January 2011 @ 01:57 am
Annual summary  
The usual "first line of the first post of the month" summary, with short, often cryptic notes on the month as a whole.

Oh, fail. Buckets and piles of fail.
(Mostly frustrations, food, and cleaning. Some early thoughts that would solidify later in the year.)

Sort if a lame way to start, but I have A LOT of framing to do.
(Mostly Thing-a-day posts, with crack-dealing and pharmacy posts thrown in)

Neat find! A portrait which originally had Elizabeth I holding a snake is restored to reveal the serpent.
(Almost 100% geeking, of twelve different flavors.)

I went to a Mexican market today... I'm a sucker for food I need to Google and this was too weird not to try. It is a spined chayote.
(Food, Formulary, and the trip to NYC dominate)

On my last day here in NYC, my adventures included:
(More NYC, more food, and much more geeking. The thoughts that have been percolating for some time coalesce, but I don't act on them for months yet.)

This past weekend I skipped out on not-ARRG to go to a wedding in Jamaica.
(Jamaica and then insane amounts of work on WW and, you know, work. difficult conversations and realizations happen behind the scenes.)

Of interest to several of my readers: http://www.khalili.org/research-ic-vol-xiv.html Vol XIV Textiles, Carpets and Costumes, from the Islamic Lands, (to be published)
(Despite the benign beginning - Holy crap with the navel gazing in July! - on WW and on my past, relationships, mistakes, goals, directions. Ooof. Then I throw a bomb into my past.)

Astrid and Tweet have been fighting a lot again and due to some actual damage inflicted and that I'll be gone for Pennsic, I finally faced the difficult decision and re-homed Astrid. 
(Pennsic, Pennsic fallout, and plans continue to go amok.)

I cannot coordinate a purchase this time, but if anyone needs an emergency fix, fabrics-store.com has a sale on random colors of the 5.3 ounce linen from now until Sunday. Have fun. :)
(In September I mostly hid - posts were about geeking things, places, events, but not what was really going on in my mind and heart until the every end of the month. :/  </3 )

*sigh* when the phone rings at 1:30AM, I *know* who it is
(Oh, yeah. October sucked. The one redeeming spot of joy was the trip to DC, which half belonged to November.)

You are entitled to your own opinion, just not your own spelling.
(DC, TeslaCon fun, TeslaCon drama, TeslaCon happy resolution, D's wedding, and a lonely Thanksgiving.)

It's funny how the little things in life mirror the greater ones.
(A more standard mix of snark and geek, with the holidays thrown in for good measure.)

So... recurring themes - geeking, food, formulary bullshit, and navel-gazing.

If I had to draw the trajectory of the year it would look like:

                 *       *
  *     *
                                *                                                          *
                                                 *      *                         *     
                                                                    *       *
Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec

Why did I feel the need to graph that? Gods, my brain is weird sometimes... At least I seem to be on an upward trajectory. Let's hope it holds for 2011.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative