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18 January 2011 @ 12:47 am
Crazy, but good, day  
Work was work, until I ended up talking to a co-worker at some length. She's having some personal issues to which I could relate and some organizational issues which she thought I could help with, so we chatted until well past my usual quitting time. It seemed to have been a helpful exercise and I was glad to be able to offer her what support I could.

By the time we were done, the mechanic's was closed, but they had said to give it a few days and see if the engine light went off, since they also suspect it is a gas cap issue. I had canceled my dinner plans with the lovely and talented arebekah  due to the snow and the car concerns (and which I probably would have been late for anyway, considering the lengthy conversation), so I just I headed home. However, partway there, I realized I really should swing by the gym, since I'd not been there all weekend. It actually was a very good choice - it is pretty much on the way home and it was deserted since most people skipped out on account of the snow. It was really very nice to be there when it was so empty and I spent a pleasant enough evening doing some light weightlifting, swimming, and (oh horrors!) sitting in a hot tub. Then, seeing how empty the Target parking lot was when I went by, I stopped in for some groceries and sundries - I probably payed too much for the produce, but not having to fight crowds is priceless.

Despite delaying my return home, the street was not yet plowed and the last few blocks of driving were a bit of an adventure, but Scott had shoveled the driveway, bless him. I didn't get much of my list completed, but it still feels like an evening well-spent. Tomorrow, though - tomorrow, there is much to get done.