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15 February 2011 @ 02:01 am
Good thing this is Thing-a-Day, not Post-a-Day, or I would be having massive fail. I've been posting at the official site, but have just been too busy to be reliable in posting here. I knew I was behind, but I didn't realize I was more than a week delinquent. So, here are Things 6-14

Day 6 - Chemise Yoke - Victorian Chemise - Part 1
This will be a multi-day project, since I decided to sew it by hand. Today I assembled the yoke of a chemise, essentially sewing seven lengths - one for construction, one to hold crisp the upper edge, two to attach the wide lace, two to hold the middle of the wide lace down, and one for the narrow trim. Here's a detail of the yoke - the whole is about 4' long and C shaped.

Day 7 - Three large gift bags
Simpsons' Print - these are more Holiday wrapping bags for the aunts.

Day 8 - Sign blanks
Things in coming days will include a variety of signs for a summer event. This was the prep work - a friend and I put three coats of white paint onto 8"x10" boards... 28 of them. :p

Day 9 - Victorian Bloomers - Part 1
I started hand sewing a pair of Victorian linen bloomers. This will be a multi-day project because of the time involved... Which actually works out well since I need to be out of town for the next few days and it's reasonably portable. Pictures when completed!

Day 10 - Victorian Bloomers - Part 2
Not a ton of work today, due to travel and family commitments.

Day 11 - Victorian Bloomers - Part 3 - Completed!

(With the extra-styling hotel hallway carpet :P)

Day 12 - Victorian Chemise - Part 2
Hand sewn cuffs for the Victorian chemise. Linen with lace accent.

Day 13 - Victorian Chemise - Part 3
A LOT of work done, since I had about six hours of handsewing time - front and back and gores attached and sleeves assembled.

Day 14 - six small gift bags
Simpsons' Print - these are more Holiday wrapping bags for the aunts.

If you actually want pictures or more extensive descriptions, see the posterous page: http://eithni.posterous.com/
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Road Emuroad_emu on February 19th, 2011 12:10 am (UTC)
I always mean to do thing a day, and every year I forget until too late. ::sigh::

But I'm glad for you! Keep going, miss Thing a Day! :-)