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22 March 2011 @ 01:13 am
Split day  
So, the day until 5PM sucked truly epic amounts. Work was unreal - hundreds of emails piled up - some of which had been dealt with by my minion, but many others she could not or would not deal with. There was one major nastygram from the Feds, which does not seem to be based on reality, so I still need to figure that out. On the other hand, the file I NEEDED from the Feds and scheduled to be released "on or about" March 21 was not yet available, although the web page helpfully suggested I check back "after March 18." We got the results from one of our three winter audits... and we are probably getting an adverse determination that may result in compliance action. I was still tired - body, heart, and soul - from war, despite plenty of sleep on Sunday. When I got home, dread_ex  was already there, but by then I was a bad, bad person and needed a time out, so I took a 20 minute nap before getting changed to go out.

The nap seemed to be an important breaking point, though. When I got up, I put on my favorite heels and a cute shirt and we headed out to Madison Magazine's Whiskey Tasting. Oh. My. For those of you not familiar with the glory that is Samba, it is a Brazilian Grill that offers a multitude of fire-roasted meats and a truly epic buffet of salads and side dishes. Fromagination is a specialty cheese shop on the square that offers a variety of truly lovely cheeses. So, imagine if you will, a tasting by twenty-ish whiskey distillers, a buffet by Samba, and a gourmet cheese buffet by Fromagination. dread_ex and I alternated between fabulous Scotches, meat on a stick, and amazing cheeses until she was literally ready to fall over, despite earlier scoffing that she was unlikely to get squiffy off of such "teeny" bits of whiskey. Our very favorite was The Balvenie's Peated Cask 17 year - we tried it at the same time and both came to a full and complete stop with a mouthgasm of peaty-smokey wonderful. On a whim, we followed up on a Facebook comment and abandoned the tasting to make a guerrilla raid on Riley's Wines of the World, pick up a bottle of the fabulous Balvenie, and bring the joy to goldfrog, along with some truly exceptional mudslide cookies we pinched from the buffet as the perfect accessory to the Scotch. :) Some War recapping and other reminiscing ensued, the perfect capstone to the evening.

Absolutely awesome night! At the very least, it was a nice way to stave off War withdrawal... I'm not generally a weeknight drinker/party-er, but one would not want to go into withdrawal, you know? Whisk(e)y makes such a great anesthetic - too bad it is frowned upon at work. ;P *sigh* I guess I'll just have to soldier on and, tomorrow, back into the fray I will go - sober in more than one sense of the word. For now, though, off to bed I go!
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Albredaalbreda on March 23rd, 2011 01:03 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad that you weren't faced with withdrawl. >:)