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07 April 2011 @ 11:58 pm
The excellent...  
I've gotten a little behind in journaling, and there has been enough this week I need to do a little recap, so bear with me.

Last Saturday was a really prefect day, even though it did not exactly adhere to the original plan. I got up early and hit the road to Haire Affaire - it's a 2.5 hour drive and I was alone, but between NPR and some choice CDs, it was a pleasant solo ride. I like having traveling companions, but there's something to be said for a few hours with just you and your brainz. It is a good thing to sometimes have the opportunity for a good sit and think.

The site was one I had been to before and so I found it without difficulty. Luckily, I came in garb because I was not three steps through the door before Guttorm was leaking his geek all over me about his turned soapstone lamps and little birchwood boxes. Very fun, very nice pieces indeed. Seek him out if you have not seen what he is up to (especially if you are of the Viking persuasion) - I have some of his work (though not the most recent stuff yet) up on my webpage here. I made some linen delivered and some pattern deliveries and then got down to business - it was ego_id_non_feci 's birthday and I had brought her a selection of cakes and cheddar to celebrate, so I got them arranged on a table I appropriated and then hidden beneath a shawl until she arrived. There squealing when they were unveiled, then there was cake and cheddar for breakfast. The day was largely spent watching the tourneys, messing with mightyjesse 's bebe, chatting and sewing, which was again a quiet pleasantness. Then, there was cake and cheddar for lunch. :) In the afternoon, I offered two classes - one on entering A&S and one on judging A&S. I had made six copies of each handout, expecting that to be optimistic, but both classes were quite full and I had to have couples share handouts and promise later copies to those gentles I see regularly. I had some free time to talk to folks before and after court, conversations that ranged from enlightening to useful to just plain happy-making - some of them hit only one or two, but in general, the socializing component of the afternoon/evening was extremely productive. (Note to self: post poll on GNC later tonight/tomorrow.)  I stayed at the back of court with Miss Liz to help wrangle the bebe, but the munchkin was shortly captured and back-packed, so I mostly sewed. Court itself was fabulous - a number of worthy people were recognized, but I was most pleased that the illustrious belmikey  was made a Great Bear. :D I then got to eat a truly wonderful dinner with the Great Bear and his pretty wife before making the drive back home. It was dark and I was tired, but a contented heart is a light one and the road was short beneath my wheels. 

Sunday morning started similarly well. whymc  called and woke me for our brunch engagement, as arranged, and I wandered off to Perkins to meet him. We had begun the chatter and idle banter that is our way and begun to consider the menus - a pleasant ritual for the Sundays he's in town. And then, my phone rang...

Current Mood: pleasedpleased