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17 April 2011 @ 05:19 pm
The internet is moving to Fort Hood...  
...and other strange things 'Rigo says that no one understands. :P 

Whew! Crazy weekend! I stayed up too late on Friday night since I was all keyed up and jubilant about my formulary passing validation. Luckily, Count Stephen had agreed to drive me to Milwaukee for the Officer's Day, so I just needed to drive about a mile, then got to sew all the way to downtown. The event was pleasant - in the morning, I attended the MOAS sessions as I am Sorcha's deputy. Then there was a long lunch break in which I was able to get a gyro with friends, visit a fifteenth century chapel, and get a little nap - best lunch break ever. :) The afternoon was more MOAS sessions and then I gave a class on entering A&S competitions. The day was to end with a general Q&A , but the my house guests were eager to leave since it was snowing.  

When we got back to Madison, 'Rigo, Kent, Deja and I went down to the Knuckle Down Saloon for dinner and drinks. Zig was not in, but we were shortly joined by mightyjesse  and fencert . Tomas and Demona joined us later in the night. It was a really good time, except that we had to shout to be heard over the blues "band" that consisted of a shiny, orange-skinned, black hair dyed old pianist and a scruffy looking guitarist who seemed to think louder = better. :P The drunken hijinx were limited, amazingly enough - pretty much as wild as it got was a spirited discussion of socialized health care and appropriate tax policy once we were back at my house. (Made hilarious by Rigo's inability to keep left wing/right wing straight. :P) Kent and Deja eventually turned in around 3AM and when 'Rigo hit a logic loop regarding the profitability of SCA events, I threw in the towel at just before 5AM. Ooof. We were up again by 11AM and went to Samba for brunch - nummy, nummy meat on a stick!

The guests left shortly after brunch, I tidied up, ran some errands, and had a little nap to cap off the fun part of the weekend. Now, I must be uberproductive - there are about seven things that require my urgent attention and I will endeavor to apply myself appropriately. :P
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