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10 May 2011 @ 12:21 am
The happier end of the weekend  
Well, my weekend started off very busy, if less than auspiciously. Before 1PM on Friday, I'd had Tweet put to sleep, filled the gas tank, taken my car for repairs, stopped by the bank, dropped off Miss Tweet at home for later burial, dropped off the site rental form for Griffin Needle, packed the car, instructed a young yard minion on mulching, grabbed lunch, run home for a forgotten item, changed, picked up my rider, and gotten on the road. Whew! Emotionally and physically exhausting...

The long drive with my rider was a good distraction, though. She was an older lady going to visit her daughters in the Cities and we happily chattered all the way there. We hit a short construction-related delay just south of Tomah, but I knew about the traffic snarling construction, so I'd already planned a back-road detour to avoid most of it. We made one quick stop en route - gas, beverages, and the Pharmacy Benefits Manager we use is based just off the highway in Eau Claire so I wanted to stop in on them. Our program sends them demanding members, stressful federal requirements and, well, I myself can be a difficult woman to work with. Technically, it's their job to suck it up and deal with the member/federal/pharmachick headaches, but I appreciate that they have a hard, thankless job and I like to express my gratitude. I'd collected a basket full of candy, cookies, and assorted desktop toys in a kitchen green basket and dropped it off for the enjoyment of the team. I'd been thinking about bringing flowers this time, but my main contact was going to be out for the afternoon/weekend, so we went with sugar instead. :)

Friday night was a relatively quiet affair - truly scrummy pizza, a little shopping, and some twisted cartoons before a reasonable bedtime. Saturday was much more eventful - it started with a lovely (if huge!) breakfast at the Shish Cafe before heading over to swords_and_pens  and main_gauche's son's bar mitzvah in the late morning. It was very interesting as this was the first bar/t mitzvah and the first Reform service I'd ever attended. (Usually, I identify as being "spiritual, not religious" Unitarian, but when I get the urge to get some organized religion, I go to the Conservative service. Yes, I was raised Catholic. No, I'm not sure why the Conservative service is what does it for me. :P What works, works.) At the end, there was an even more protracted than usual Minnesota goodbye - we finally moved outside into the lovely weather and then continued to chat well after everyone else (including the clean up crew) had left. After the social circle finally broke up, we wandered off to a few interesting local shops then to a riverside park to enjoy a walk in the finally spring-y air. The early evening was full of laziness and sloth and other wonderful things. The late evening was again more active -iarroganti  and I headed out to Ground Zero for some dance-y goodness. There has not been much in the way of Inferno-going in recent months and I've been missing it. The first few songs were disappointing, but it picked up in the middle and I got a fair bit of dancing in, despite my boot biting my shin. I even got two very pretty compliments on my dancing. :)~ 

Sunday was again a little less structured. A late start, several false starts in trying to find a place open for brunch but not packed with Mother's Day folks, nummy Himalayan, reading some of the books acquired the day before, and the nearly obligatory stop at S.R. Harris. Constanza had a SR Harris virgin at her place, so when rapier practice was called on account of rain, off to the fabric store we went. I SWORE I wasn't getting anything... and was a damn liar. I have a nice collection of buttons, a gorgeous piece of black and gold silk, and some nummy gold linen. Granted, I expect the gold linen will be taken off my hands by other folk, but still... I'm weak.

The ride back was similarly enjoyable to the ride out. My rider really was a gem and I invited her to call me whenever she's looking for a ride up to the Cities - I go there or through often enough and I'd not mind having her along again in the future. In all, a very good weekend, excepting before noon on Friday. Sunday night I puttered about, worked on a few projects, and then collapsed into bed early... well, by 1AM, but that's early for me. ;)
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teffanteffan on May 11th, 2011 02:05 am (UTC)
So I'm seeing a not-my-fault trend in your excessive spendings here in Mpls :P
eithni: greeneithni on May 11th, 2011 02:07 am (UTC)


I was a good girl at the book store at least. That counts for something, right? RIGHT?