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18 December 2011 @ 11:54 pm
White Scarf Scroll for Sibyl Sevenoaks  
This is a long overdue scroll... In my defense, it met with some tragedy while on campaign at Gulf Wars. Dampness from a spilled beverage and the lovely Southern weather caused staining and sticking so that big chunks of the scroll had to be repaired and redone. But even before I could begin that, there were the months when I would take it out, want to puke, and put it back away without working on it. I was finally able to deal with it these last few weeks and it was finally delivered this week.

Inspirations for the White Scarf Scroll
The name "Sevenoaks" originated from the Saxon word 'Seouenaca', a name given in about 800 A.D. to a small chapel near seven oaks in Knole Park. Sevenoaks was historically part of the Great Manor of Oxford, held by the Archbishops of Canterbury.
The town's motto is "Floreant Septum Quercus" (May the Seven Oaks Flourish).
The large manor house at Sevenoaks is called Knole, due to its being set on higher ground or a 'knoll'. It is a highly unusual type of building, a “calendar House” – so called because architectural features reference aspects of the calendar - 365 rooms, 52 staircases and 7 courtyards. In 1456 it was sold to the Archbishop of Canterbury and in 1538 the house came into the possession of the Crown of England. Queen Elizabeth I, gave it to her cousin Thomas Sackville.
Thomas Sackville (1536-1608) was the first Baron of Buckhurst (1567) and first Earl of Dorset (1603). The pedigree of the Sackville family is thought to have been commissioned to commemorate the marriage of his son, Robert, to Margaret Howard in 1580 but may not have been completed until 1599. The Pedigree is currently held by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

While the exemplar is somewhat later than would be appropriate for our recipient (a date of c.1570 was the target), the association with Sevenoaks and the layout that lent itself so nicely to incorporating motifs meaningful to the recipient made it an appealing choice.
In this White Scarf scroll, portraits of the King and Queen replace Robert Sackville and Margaret Howard while the central miniature of Elizabeth is replaced with a portrait of Sibyl Sevenoaks, the scroll recipient. Foliage is replaced with oak leaves and acorns. The top coat of arms is omitted, due to a miscommunication or miscalculation when laying out the scroll with the scribe, and the top portrait of Sibyl drops into the vacated place. The shield-type shape of acorns made the flaming acorn an excellent stand-in for some of the other heraldry seen in the original piece. The scroll text replaces most of the genealogical information, but the arms of Sibyl’s previous instructors gives a nod to the idea of lineage. The King and Queen’s signatures are supported by the uppermost branches of the trees. The recipient’s coat of arms is supported by two rampant squirrels and the white belt surrounding the arms in the Sackville Pedigree is here replaced with a white scarf with a bronze lining. A full-length portrait of Sibyl occupies the center bottom. To the right above are the arms of her Warder, Baron Adam, and below is Adam holding a Northshield Banner and Mateo holding a HellHounds banner. To the left of the portrait are the arms of Michael St Christian, and below lounges Michael with the banner of Jararvellir and a generic fighter with the Redfeather Banner. At the horizon, seven trees, meant to be oaks, can be seen in the distance.


(To give an idea of scale, these portraits are all a bit smaller than a quarter.)

The scroll text reads: “When tales of prowess and daring on the rapier field are told, the name of Sibyl Sevenoke is often heard. Legendary is her ferocity on the field and her keen skill has defeated many a foeman, yet it is with gentle grace and joy that she so generously serves the rapier community and the Society. Her acts of prowess on and off the rapier field have reached Our ears and now We, King Hrodir and Queen Anne, stellar rulers of the Kingdom of Northshield, having witnessed such great deeds with Our own eyes upon the battlefield at Gulf Wars, are minded to invite her into Our Order of the White Scarf. Sibyl Sevenoke is hereby granted all rights and responsibilities attendant upon this rank, and the right to style herself as a Doña within the Society. Done while on campaign at Gulf Wars XX, Anno Societatis XLV”
Scribe: Green Jenny; Designer/Illuminator: Eithni; Scroll Text: Michael and Eithni
More information:
On Sevenoaks: http://www.sevenoaks-life.co.uk/content/view/166/89/
On the Sackville Family: http://www.thepeerage.com/p3025.htm#i30247
On conservation of the manuscript and its origins:
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I do love it when you get your geek on. >:)
eithni: excellenteithni on December 20th, 2011 03:35 am (UTC)
Heh. It's not too often I take it off. :P
Ulfhildr: woweeyuri_shoujo on December 21st, 2011 08:05 am (UTC)
Wow, awesome. The detail is fantastic. I can't imagine having the patience to do that once, let alone twice.