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01 January 2012 @ 10:27 pm
2011 in Review  
Some highlights/lowlights of the year:

Health - I've been feeling pretty OK, nothing serious or noteworthy this year, which is a relief. I got a referral to a Rheumatologist, who didn't find anything obviously wrong, but ruled out a pile of scary things. I'm trying gabapentin and exercise, which might be helping or I might just be enjoying the benefits of a mild winter. We shall see.

Fitness - I joined a gym in early 2011 and was good about going from January through May. With WW looming, my attendance took a hit and didn't really recover until late in the year. I am going to once again try to recommit myself to going on a regular basis. It is good for me and does make me feel physically and emotionally better. I've been stymied, in part, because it feels like an immediate waste of my time, and trying to coordinate with favorite TV shows only partially addresses that. I've been doing some reading, which helps, but most recently it has been watching/listening to TED lectures that has been the most motivating for me. This is made possible by two things - my new iPad (OMG! I won an iPad in 2011!) and the fact that the gym now has wi-fi courtesy of the UW Health that shares the building.

Personal life - Early in the year, there were some romantic failures, but in May I started seeing iarroganti. It's a long-distance relationship AGAIN, which doesn't thrill me, but seems to be my M.O. Communication and regular contact are, as ever, both important and difficult. Relationships are never "easy" but I seem to pick special projects. :P At the end of May, I celebrated my 33&1/3 birthday. :) I thought it would be fun to have a spring party instead of the usual dead-of-winter festivities. I was amused and everyone got cupcakes... There were a lot of house changes this year - I took the house off the market after not having any significant interest and obtaining a new roommate that I know I can live with long term. I had to replace both the roof and the furnace, but happily at least the former was mostly paid for my my insurance.  I helped with TeslaCon II - I think scheduling went better this year, but there are still improvements, both in my department and others, that I would like to see for next year. My family is struggling with what to do about my grandpa (and by extension - grandma). He's got some dementia issues and my grandma won't be able to care for him at home forever. Hard decisions need to be made, but I don't really get to be a main player, despite the fact that eldercare is pretty much my job, so it's sort of frustrating. I've used facebook a lot more this year and live journal a lot less. Some of that has to do with personal locked posts, but I think the longer format of the LJ post does more for me as far as processing than the short FB status, so I will be trying to post here more in the coming months.

Death - Sadly, it seems death was a major theme for the year. From family to friends to cultural icons to pets, it seemed that there was always someone who had just left us. The big ones for me were my Uncle Mike (a fixture of my childhood), Timmy (a friend of mine for 19 years) and Larry (whymc's dad), all of which still feel a little surreal and wrong. There's a weird sort of denial and emptiness about thinking about them being gone. Timmy was the only one I talked to or saw on a regular basis these days, but it still seems to put the world off-kilter.There have been some positives from the deaths, though - I'm back in touch with Timmy's mom, who was a huge support to me during a very trying time in my life (I dated her son - her OTHER son - through most of high school), I have been seeing whymc more often as he comes through town to visit his mommy, and hopefully I'll be seeing more of her in coming months as well. In addition to the above, there were less immediate losses, like Kiri, who I had just started to know well, and teffan's dad, star of many of her best family stories and who's funeral was the same day as Mike's, and Steve Jobs, obviously not someone I actually knew, but someone who's work has made me a happy geek for many years. And then there was poor Tweet. I've never had to put a pet down before, and it was a heartbreaking, if clearly necessary, choice. Poor little squeaker. It seems these things work in cycles, so let's hope for less of this theme in 2012, eh?

Babies! - The other side of the coin is that several people near to me had new arrivals this year, including my sister and goldfrog. Add in all the friends and family members who have spawned in the past few years, and we're knee deep in ankle-biters! This suits me fine - I find short people endlessly fascinating and entertaining and paying Aunti Eithni is a fun role. However, regular exposure to little ones makes me conflicted - sorry I don't have any of my own because they are such fun but glad I don't have any of my own because they are so much work. :P

Work - Work has been crazy. On top of the usual stressors, budget cutbacks, increasing regulation, and new levels of administrative oversight that don't *quite* understand the way thing work have made work extrasooperspecial. I got a great job offer in Eau Claire that I would be tempted to take, except that I really believe in what we are doing at my current job (where they do not have the resources to cover for me nor the budget to hire a replacement) and, you know, it's in Eau Claire. :P I love Madison and while I theoretically could work from home some and commute for partial weeks some, it still would be bloody inconvenient to have my time split so badly. On the other hand, there are compelling reasons to spend more time in Eau Claire these days. The job is still not out of the question, now that they have revised the potential offer, but since I'm not willing to abandon my current post, there are ethical issues that would need to be evaluated, etc, etc, etc. On the other hand, my current job seems more stable, since we got some more funding from DHS. I say "seems" since there was a situation like this that happened right before our sister organization was shut down and I just don't trust Shit Walker to not have something evil up his sleeve that is wrapped up in the new requirements and reporting benchmarks we need to meet... Complicated and messy, like most of my life.

SCA - I autocratted four events this year - Yule Moot, Bardic Madness, WW, and Griffin's Needle. This was my last year as WW autocrat and, while I think it was a worthwhile activity, I am pleased to henceforth only be the provost/coordinator for two events per year. Other highlights of the year included Gulf Wars (on short notice), Quest (cooking in the rain), Pennsic (Viking cheerleaders!), and Fall Coronation (iarroganti's Laureling). Much of the late summer was devoted to preparing for the Laureling. It was cathartic, in a way. I was Laureled with only a day's notice, at the Kingdom's biggest event, while I was one of two host Baronesses. Ooof! No pretty dresses or planning for me! It was sort of nice to be able to play the part of coordinator and involved significant other. I worked up a "how to plan an elevation" guidelene and am still looking for beta-testers, if anyone has such occasion in the coming year... In October, I set a teenager on fire, to her horror and the amusement of the Kingdom. Sparky won't soon forget it, not in the least because we won't let her... I took a new student in November and hope that will be a fruitful relationship. In December, I got a Saltire - an award for teaching and traveling that pleased me greatly. This winter, I applied for the position of KMOAS and on the last day of the year, was informed that I did not get the position. In some ways I am pleased, since I could use a break, but it is a job I really want to do at some point. Oh well, in two years I'll try again, I suppose...

Buying a new tent - Years ago I had a monstrosity that was a chore to set up and bigger than my first apartment. More recently, I have used a tiny A-frame that was cozy, secure, and a breeze to set up, but not really scaled for staying in for more than a night or with more than one occupant. I'm hoping a the new 12x14 Panther Wall Tent will provide that "just right" middle ground. I still need to get the poles made and still have not had a chance to put it up, but I am excited. I plan to trick it our like a Viking hall and I have some fun plans, but they need to wait until I clear some of the pressing things from my urgent queue... 
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jtdiiijtdiii on January 2nd, 2012 04:53 am (UTC)
Oooohhhhhhh spiffy new tents. :)

Glad your year was pretty good, and may you have many happy returns.