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08 January 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Word of the Day 1/7/12 - Froggery!  
Awesome WotD!

, n.
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈfrɒgəri/,  U.S. /ˈfrɔgəri/, /ˈfrɑgəri/
Forms:  17 frogery,   17– froggery
Etymology: <  frog n.1 + -ery suffix.
 1.  A place in which frogs are kept for breeding or (in later use) as pets; (also) a place in which frogs live or congregate in the wild.
1737  J. Ozell Urquhart's Rabelais II. xxx. 221, I know an Englishman‥who‥has often declar'd, he would keep a Froggery (as the late King did a Snailery) if he were in Circumstances to afford it.
1763  E. Carter in Pennington's Memoirs (1808) I. 335 A very high causeway, with a perpendicular descent on each side to the toaderies and frogeries below.
1854 Tait's Edinb. Mag. 21 695 He had what he called a Froggery and Toadery at the bottom of his orchard.
1871 Echo 14 Jan.Mr.‥confesses to have actually kept a ‘froggery’ for his own private consumption.
1903 Frederick(Maryland)News 31 Jan. 8/7 The owner of the froggery scurried to fields and streams to fill that order, and then it came to him that he might raise them for market.
1923  K. D. Wiggin My Garden of Memory ii. 10, I asked my stepfather one day if he would give us a part of the garden brook for our froggery.
1966 Yuma(Arizona)Daily Sun 18 Aug. b7/3 Science teachers have built a ‘froggery’, an absorbing kind of aquarium for students to watch.
2007 Innisfail Advocate(Austral.) (Nexis) 12 May 3 If the froggery (a frog-breeding and display centre) goes ahead, it will ideally be accompanied by a fernery, orchidarium and butterfly house.
 a.  humorous. A group or contingent of frogs. Obs. rare.
1760  S. Fielding Ophelia II. xxxii. 21 The Concert, of which the Froggery made the bass.
 b.  A colony of frogs. Obs. rare.
1842 Blackwood's Edinb. Mag. 51 47 A thrush, who is watching the froggery from above.
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