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30 April 2012 @ 10:33 pm
Word of the day - persiflage  
It's not too often that they pull one I've never even seem before. I like it!

persiflage, n.
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈpəːsᵻflɑːʒ/, /ˌpəːsᵻˈflɑːʒ/,  U.S. /ˈpərsəˌflɑʒ/
Etymology: <  French persiflage (1735) <  persifler to banter lightly (although this is first attested slightly later: see persiflate v.) + -age -age suffix.
  Light raillery or mockery; bantering talk; a frivolous or mildly contemptuous manner of treating any subject.
1757  Ld. Chesterfield Let. 17 Oct. (1932) (modernized text) V. 2251 Upon these delicate occasions you must practise the ministerial shrugs and persiflage.
1799  H. More Strict. Mod. Syst. Fem. Educ. (ed. 4) I. 15 The cold compound of irony, irreligion, selfishness, and sneer, which make up what the French‥so well express by the term persiflage.
1827  Scott Jrnl. 13 Jan. (1941) 6 There is [a] turn for persiflage, a fear of ridicule among them.
1853  C. Kingsley Hypatia II. vi. 128 All his smooth and shallow persiflage, even his shrewd satiric humour, had vanished.
1893  A. Dobson H. Walpole ix. 254 The element in which his easy persiflage delights to disport itself.
1923 Daily Mail 22 June 7 Urbane persiflage directed against ‘footlers’, bores, and busybodies.
1942  H. Footner Maryland Main & Eastern Shore xxvi. 285 The cafeteria style of serving‥deprives you of the opportunity to exchange a bit of persiflage with the charming waitresses.
1996 Daily Tel. 9 Feb. 29/3 Worlock complained that such persiflage had deprived him of a cardinal's hat.
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akitromakitrom on May 1st, 2012 03:43 am (UTC)
Perhaps having a name like "Worlock" deprived him of a cardinal's hat. Does anybody get a little anxious around "Cardinal Worlock"?