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16 February 2013 @ 01:27 am
Short people are the best toys...  

The day started off with hardcore fail, as in, five hours of wishing I could just die already migraine-related fail. However, the agony broke just in time for me to go sit on my sister's bebes. She and her hubbin went to a local brewery for a tour while I sat in the basement with the niblings and tried to keep the one year old from destroying herself. I let the nephew play his video game with the volume way down because I was still feeling migraine-hungover, so it was a quiet afternoon.

We went out for dinner to La Mestiza (really tasty Mexican restaurant next to the best games store in town) and then the nephew started acting up. He's in a "eat nothing and act like a little jerk at the table but then demand candy and snacks an hour later" sort of phase. Sure enough, he started getting antsy before we were even halfway through dinner. Most of the jumping up and down and flailing about was the usual disruptive antics, but then he started smelling the wall. (WTF? Little kids are so weird.) His dad told him to knock it off, so he turned his head and rested the side of his head against the wall and sulked.

This is where I got an idea.

Under the table, I reached over and scratched the wall. I kept talking to my sister, but then scratched the wall twice. Andrew got a slightly concerned expression. This time, I scratched twice and then knocked on the wall. He jumped back for a second, then rested his head on the wall again and knocked three times. I knocked three times back. He experimented by scratching, and I scratched the same pattern back. Now he was really concerned and tried to get his dad to listen to the "man in the wall." My sister looked confused for a moment and then glanced over at me. I winked, and then she noticed what I was doing. She laughed and told Andrew to see if he could communicate with what ever it was in the wall. So Andrew and I went on scratching and knocking and we finished our dinner in peace. When we left the restaurant, Andrew rushed over to see what was next door to the restaurant and was confused to find it was a closed care rental office.

I was tempted to explain to him the Science! but it worked so well, I suspect this is a trick to try again some other day... we can teach him the Science! once he has learned to sit through a meal peaceably. :P

Current Mood: amusedamused
Aaron (Rusty) Lloydrustmon on February 16th, 2013 02:39 pm (UTC)
awesome! :)
cealfindcealfind on February 16th, 2013 03:34 pm (UTC)
Auntie's Rule!