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04 March 2013 @ 10:34 pm
Sometimes it's the little things...  
I had an amazing shit-storm of a day, so I was tired and cranky as I headed home from work. Since things couldn't possibly get worse, I went to Woodmans (the giant warehouse-y the grocery store) to grab some essentials for tomorrow's snow day. Usually, going to the store during the pre-dinner rush is like entering the fifth circle of hell while the circus is in town. However, today was apparently special. And, oddly enough, I mean the surprisingly *good* flavor of special.

I drove up and got rock star parking in the first row. I remembered by green bag. A car stopped to let me cross into the building. I breezed through the store, collecting my seven items or so without incident. Everything I needed was in stock and right where I expected it to be. No one got their bullshit or spawn in the way as I happily zoomed along. I walked right up to a self-checkout that actually worked accepted my card on the first swipe. I was back in my car in under 10 minutes.

I drove home veeeeeeeeeerrry carefully, since something was clearly awry in the world...
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