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21 June 2013 @ 02:04 am
Traveling solo  
On top of an already wild week, I found myself traveling up to Eau Claire this evening so I would be in town for a meeting tomorrow morning. The whole trip was not strictly necessary, but it produced some nice advantages. First, there are six hours alone in the car. I actually don't mind solo drives - they are a time to think and just be, one of the few times I don't feel the need to multi-task, or at least the most strenuous multi-tasking I need to do is singing along with the radio. Arriving in own tonight also meant that I was able to grab dinner and swap Scotches with some friends in town. I've known her for awhile and just met her husband a few weeks ago - turns out that he and I get on like a house on fire, so it was after eleven before we knew it. Tomorrow, I'll have the chance to meet new staff at a contractor's office - I hate working with people when I don't have a face to put with a name, particularly when I need to rely on them to do highly important tasks that I have responsibility for directing. I'm also hoping to iron out some problems we have been having, but the relationship-building is the primary task. As a bonus, I am dropping off a bebe gift for one of the office ladies and I hope I might get a chance to actually see the critter too. :) Then, before heading back to MadTown for a continuing crazy week, I'll grab dinner with whymc and his momma, which will be a delightful way to round out the trip.

But tonight, tonight I am enjoying the luxury of a hotel room all to myself. It's been years since I had a nice hotel room that was not shared by other folks and/or kids. There was something on NPR on the way up extolling the virtues of the hotel room - how it is innately an invitation to reinvent oneself, how anonymity and new surroundings provide a special freedom. This may be true, but it is the simple things I'm most enjoying tonight - the quiet, the tidiness, the prospect of waffles in the morning... And, in particular, the freedom to leave the windows and shades open - I may regret it come morning, but now it is a great opportunity to see the world in flashes of blue, listen to the clouds mumble one to the other, and watch as the storm rolls in... 
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DameJ: Crossing the Stripdamej on June 23rd, 2013 01:40 pm (UTC)
I'll be doing some solo travelling for work this week. I know what you mean about time alone in the car being an escape from multi-tasking. I'll be returning to a familiar hotel that is now under a Hyatt flag (I think this will be my first-ever stay at a Hyatt). As a bonus, it's an all-suite property, so I'll have plenty of space to myself :-)