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07 July 2013 @ 12:33 am
No rest for the wicked...  
So, last night I was going to go to bed at midnight - for honest and truly. I was BEAT and a little weepy and it seemed the best plan. But I stopped to do just one more thing and got in my groove. I next looked up when the birds were singing outside and it was 5AM. Ooops. Well, I figured, four hours of sleep, then off to a morning obligation, then errands, then a NAP!

Four hours isn't great, but I can make it go - except that my sleep quality was AWFUL and the neighbor's dippy (20-something) child let her dog bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark until I got out of bed, threw on a robe, and went out into the yard to yell at her. Grrr. Back in bed, I checked the clock - 8:15AM. Grrrrrrr... Even worse, I could not get back to sleep, so I headed out to a toddler's birthday party on three hours of poor quality sleep. I've been dragging my way through the day via sheer willpower and second-hand jinglymushroom. :)

JM was kind enough to come over for a chunk of the evening to be moral support and help me brain. Between caffeine (this morning), her influence (this afternoon), and more caffeine (tonight), I actually got a lot accomplished - photocopying, shopping, painting, coloring, maths, "laminating" a map, hacking apart a downed branch, checking on my sister's house, assembling party games - a day of non sequitur tasks, but all that needed doing before Monday morning when I leave to autocrat Warriors and Warlords. I had a momentary bit of insanity where I considered the Inferno, but if nothing else, I'm covered in paint and sleep-deprived crazy - prolly not a good plan. :p

So, having made it up to my goal of 12AM without a nap (I wanted to get back on a semi-normal schedule), I need a shower and then bed. Hopefully, I'll sleep better, but the brainz have still been going like crazy with to-dos, should-dos, and stray regrets and wishes, so we'll see. :/  
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eithni: Pictisheithni on July 16th, 2013 03:59 am (UTC)
No worries! I'm always happy to talk Pictish, regardless of venue. Please ping me with your email address in a PM and I'll get you signed up!