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04 August 2013 @ 12:33 am
Word of the day - poliorcetics  
OK, it's not often that they pull a word that I am ENTIRELY unfamiliar with, but this one is a winner on several counts!

, n.- The art of conducting and resisting sieges; siegecraft
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˌpəʊlɪɔːˈsɛtɪks/, U.S. /ˈˌpoʊliˌɔrˈsɛdɪks/
Forms:  15 poliorcetickes,   18– poliorcetics.
Etymology: <  post-classical Latin poliorcetica siege engines (late 15th cent.; 1531 in the passage translated in quot. 1569) <  Hellenistic Greek πολιορκητικά, use as noun of neuter plural of πολιορκητικός poliorcetic adj.; in later use partly also < poliorcetic adj.: see -ic suffix 2. Compare Hellenistic Greek τὰ πολιορκητικὰ ἔργα siegeworks, τὰ πολιορκητικὰ ὄργανα siege engines.