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22 September 2013 @ 02:20 pm
Word of the Day - Muckibus  
muckibus, adj.
[‘ Drunkenly sentimental or maudlin.’]
Etymology:Origin uncertain.
N.E.D. (1908) suggests ‘A humorous formation from mucksb.1, with the ending of a Latin ablative pl.’ Although a number of such formations can be cited as parallels (compare recumbentibus n., stinkibus n., etc.), the various meanings of muck n.1 do not allow an entirely satisfactory explanation for its use here. Given the account offered in the quot., it seems more likely that Walpole misheard or mistranscribed an Irish word or phrase (the Countess of Coventry, née Maria Gunning, was the daughter of a Co. Roscommon squire), but it is not apparent what this might have been.
Obs. rare. Drunkenly sentimental or maudlin.
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