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22 September 2013 @ 04:41 pm
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - Day 4 of Iceland  
After a lovely breakfast of skyr and granola, I was collected bright and early by the tour bus and we were off to the Snaefellnes Peninsula. It was a small bus, not one of the giant ones, thank goodness, and there were only about 10 of us on board, so we were a nice sized group and everyone who wanted one got their own row on the bus. We began with an hour drive North from Reykjavik to the Peninsula and then made a series of stops at various points of interest or beauty. There was more bus time and less hiking than I had been led to believe, but that might have been an accommodation for the two elderly couples along. I would have rathered spend more time out clambering over the beautiful hillsides, but it still was exceedingly pleasant to stare out the window and let the beautiful scenery unfold. I really can't adequately emphasize how beautiful the landscape is - both words and photos fail to capture how stunning the whole country is.

Gorgeous waterfalls are everywhere (Bjarnarfoss - can you imagine that as your backyard scenery?)

Columnar Basalt at Gerduberg



Black stone beach... I may or may not have gone wading... :)

Statue of Gudrid and Snorri at the farm where Gudrun was born.

After finishing our tour of the peninsula, I convinced the bus driver to let me out near the SCA practice site rather than taking me all the way back to the guest house. He missed the exit and so just plopped me out on the side of the highway. O.o Well, I clambered down without incident and quickly made my way to the Shire of Klakavirki practice site, since I had found it a few days earlier. Mostly I just chatted with Liza and Tomas - an American and a German currently living in Iceland - and watched the fencing. Eventually, though, I was able to borrow some kit and got to throw down with one of the locals. Very fun. Once dark fell, two of the Icelanders (Arnfrithur and another fellow whose name escapes me) and I went out to dinner at a local eatery and then they dropped me back off at the guesthouse. An excellent end to a full and beautiful day.

Go to Iceland, fight with the locals. :)
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