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13 January 2014 @ 08:17 pm
Late holiday summary  
The four family Christmasses all went pretty well - the kids were loud, my brother was late, my grandpa insisted on talking about things that made my grandma crazy - you know, quality family time. The only really unexpected thing was that the usual suspects were not the most appalling at the Hetzel family Christmas. Instead, my aunt's brother in law took those honors. He was clearly a pushy opinionated Republican who wanted to berate me to no end about the stupidity of my political proclivities and sing the praises of his hero, Mr. Limbaugh. Ugh. Ignoring him didn't work, but nailing his ass to the wall in a few exchanges made him think better of it and he wandered off to easier pickings. Not really a solution, but at least he was no longer MY problem. On the up side, I got pretty much exactly what I wanted for Christmas - a matching butter dish and gravy boat, a gift certificate to Vom Fass, some cider and wine I actually like, and a really beautiful earring tree. In separate conversations, I had mentioned to whymc that I was paring down and organizing my jewelry collection and that I had especially fond memories of a ginkgo tree in the neighborhood where I grew up, and he took those two things together and bought me a beautiful pewter and rosewood ginkgo earring tree. It is an order of magnitude more beautiful than the earring tree I had picked out for myself and luckily had not yet ordered. Other prezzies were also nice, but I see that tree every morning and it makes me happy. So, generally successful holidays, with only a few minor family annoyances.

On the other hand, I had been concerned about the work holiday fall-out and I was entirely wrong about how bad it was going to be... it was much, much worse than I'd imagined. :( Christmas day I got a call for an authorization on something that sounded fishy, but since I didn't have any nursing notes, I gave a limited term authorization for based on the son's statements to the pharmacy. That turned out to be an epic mistake that I am still trying to deal with now, two weeks or so into January.

Returning to work proper was special too... The more competent of the two med room ladies was supposed to be working with me on Thursday and Friday, but she was sicksicksick. Like, her daughter called in sick for her because she couldn't sit up to use the phone sick. So, there I was in the post-holiday rush doing the work of four people. Ugh. I did NOTHING else that week - work and then crash was about all I had in me. Given that one of those days was an eleven hour work day and the other not too far behind, I don't feel too bad about that, though. I was essentially worthless that weekend as I recovered. The last week of January was sort of special too, since the other PharmD was still out and the med room lady was still not quite well (I sent her home early on Monday, despite not yet being caught up, since she looked ready to drop by 1PM). Finally, the end of the day on the 31st rolled around and I got free. Not everything that should have been done for the new year got done, but by then I didn't really care - I had at least something ugly and workable for everything in place and called it good.

whymc came into town for the New Year's festivities. Due to some weather delays, we ended up having a hurried Culvers' dinner instead of a nice dinner out as we had planned, but it worked. Then we popped in at a friend's annual party before heading back to my place to host some folks for cards and drinkies. We had a lovely, silly time but at the end of the night, the champagne caught up with me and poor whymc had to take care of me for a bit. New Year's day started a little rough, but by noon I thought I would live and devikat's drunk-baking scones really hit the spot. I hit my stride later in the day, though, and washed all the floors and all the laundry, so I started the year off with a clean house at least.

January 2-3 I spent in the Dells with my sister and her husband, mother-in-law-and kids at a water park. It was a lot of fun, but holy hell exhausting. I was thinking three adults to two kids was a good ratio (my sister couldn't get in the water because of a recent foot surgery), but then the MIL didn't ever change out of dress pants either, so it was just me and my BIL taking turns wrangling the toddler in the kiddie area or the 5 year old on the water slides, which he very much enjoyed, but wasn't big enough to carry the necessary tube or go down on his own. Late in the evening, there was little to no line, so we pretty much climbed up four flights of stairs, waited for about 60 seconds in line, rode the slide down, rinse, repeat. Ooof! Lotsa fun, but I definitely got my workout!

In the afternoon on the 3rd, I took off from the Dells and picked up whymc in Eau Claire and headed up to Twelfth Night. It was a really nice, low-key event with lots of socializing and gift-giving. There were some socially exhausting interactions too, but in general I think even those went well and what needed to happen has either happened or will happen soon. Sometimes the hard things are not the wrong things. We attended to postrevel/engagement party for two of my newly-engaged friends and that was both amusing and full of schmoopy goodness. He had been a bitter divorcee, but she has really turned him all romantical and it is adorable. :) We left the party earlyish and drove to Eau Claire since whymc wanted to be on the road early in the morning.

This past weekend was pretty low-key. Friday was puttering around the house, putting away Christmas, and staying up waaaay too late, but getting so much done. Saturday whymc came up from Chicago and we wandered around the home show (we bought a mop! Woo! Exciting!) and then had dinner with some friends. He had a game on Sunday, so I didn't see much of him, but hung out with friends instead. We went to the expo center, then tried to go to an open house that apparently wasn't actually open, and instead had a lovely lunch out. We were all beat by then, so we cancelled plans to go to Vom Fass and all just headed home. I had a quietly productive evening planned, but my sister and her husband and the kids came over and we ended up all working on a school project for the BIL and trying to keep the kids from killing each other, so it was a noisy, messy evening instead. It looks like I'll have a low-key week, though, since I have the plague that has been hanging around the house and am not up for much more than blogging about my recently busy and exciting life, which is why y'all are treated to this recap! :D
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DameJ: Moaidamej on January 14th, 2014 08:48 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on surviving the holidays without killing anyone.