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08 February 2014 @ 03:12 am
A&S 50 - #14, #15, #16, #17, and #18  
So, I have all good intentions of doing the A&S 50 thing. I'm always busy. I even sometimes DO make stuff for me, I swear... I'm just miserable with my official count documentation. :P I really should go back and retroactively add a few things I made but never listed to give me any plausible chance of passing this thing.

Anyway, this was a project I wrote up quickly for our MOAS, so it was easy to plop in here too. Last Autumn, I went to Iceland and one of the things I most wanted to do was ride Icelandic horses. Well, if a girl is going to ride Viking horses, a girl is going to WEAR a Viking outfit. Over the objections of some of the employees who feared I would be too cold (in multiple layers of wool? whatever...) I wore the following on my equestrian outings:

Tunic - hand sewn, rectilinear construction, olive green wool tabby fabric, linen thread (#14)
Pants - hand sewn, slightly fitted cut with seat gusset, striped black, white, and red wool tabby fabric, linen thread (#15)
Hat - hand sewn, four panel construction, handwoven (by Mistress Elspeth) wool, natural dyed (by Eithni) linen lining, linen thread, recycled fur trim (#16)
Hood - hand sewn, cut based on St Andrew's Hood and the hooded riders on Pictish stones, wool tabby, machine woven wool trim, linen thread (#17)
Undertunic - hand sewn, rectilinear construction, white linen fabric, linen thread (#18)
Accessories - leather belt (purchased), wool pouch (previously handsewn by Eithni), leg wraps (previously handwoven by Elspeth), purchased leather shoes.

The goal was to look like these guys:
St Madoesriding

Hurray for nerding abroad!
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stitchwhich on February 9th, 2014 10:31 am (UTC)
Did any of the horse-wrangling staff catch on to what you looked like?
eithni: Yummy!eithni on February 10th, 2014 02:57 am (UTC)
Well, a bunch of them, seeing me ride out of the rain with the hood up, thought I was a Viking ghost, so not exactly, but I'll take it. Once I showed them a picture of what I was doing, they could see the resemblance, if not really understand WHY someone would do that.