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22 September 2014 @ 11:24 pm
The story of the road  
I swear, at some point, I will get back to doing proper updates. For now, I am just trying to beat back the Endless Email Monster - Every time I am nearly able to tackle the beast, I end up being offline for a week again and then having to struggle to catch up again. :/ I've also been telling myself that I can't do a "now" update until I fill in all the craziness of the last nine months, but that craziness keeps getting bigger and longer and harder to address as I let it pile up...

So! Email first, bit getting back to this soon. As part of the email purge, a poem from last summer that was languising in my inbox, but I never posted.

Billboards flicker and go out,
their wares for daytime eyes,
not midnight wandering hearts.
Time and space - such slippery things -
days pass, or moments, perhaps,
all full of echos of nighttimes past,
and I dream I could just drive forever,
across streets and states and countries,
and still never find the route I seek.
Street maps are less than worthless
on this roadless reckless quest,
better to consult a book, coverless, endless,
now lost, now found on the crossroad,
words of ink and tar and asphalt-Braille
surer guide, should their riddle be discovered.      
Current Mood: pensivepensive