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12 November 2014 @ 10:40 pm
I ran across this this evening and it really speaks to me. I love being a party hostess and all the preparationa and anticipation involved. :) Family Thanksgiving in just a few weeks, then I can start planning the birthday party!

"I Love the Hour Just Before"
Todd Boss

a party. Everybody
at home getting
ready. Pulling
on boots, fixing
their hair, planning
what to say if
she's there, picking
a pluckier lipstick,
rehearsing a joke
with a stickpin
in it, doing
the last minute
fumbling one does
before leaving for
the night like
tying up the dog or
turning on the yard
light. I like to think
of them driving,
finding their way
in the dark, taking
this left, that right,
while I light candles,
start the music softly
seething. Everything
waiting. Even
the wine barely
Current Mood: happyhappy