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06 January 2015 @ 11:05 pm
Griffin Needle!  
griffin needle 2

Just because I needed more insanity in my life this Fall, I also ran Griffin Needle Challenge again. Happily, this time some folks up in Falcoln's Keep agreed to actually run the event for me and so I was only responsible for the judges, prizes, and website. :) Still, that was plenty, and I was very grateful!

We had five teams this year and there was a pretty good degree of completion from all of them. However, I think my favorite thing of all was that the model in the middle - Byle - did all the research for his outfit and during a midnight documentation review, completely had a nerdgasm over how this project had allowed him to discover the joy of research. :) Spreading the sickness, that's how it's done!

And then just for a dose of wrong, here I am using a sewing MACHINE at Griffin Needle! I was one of the Judges and this was a modern project for the wedding, so I don't ACTUALLY feel bad about it... OK, I MOSTLY don't feel bad about it. But silly, oh-so-silly...

griffin needle 1
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