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27 January
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Seven years ago I visited Scotland for the first time. Being a museum-going type of tourist, I went to the (then newly opened) National Museums of Scotland (NMS). While wandering around in the basement, I entered a small circular room, turned a corner, and instantly fell in love with Pictish art. Since that visit, I have enthusiastically studied the Picts, their culture, and their art. While there is less information available than I would like, it is an interesting topic to study because of the new discoveries that come to light every year and the ongoing development of the scholarship around the stones and archaeological digs. While I find the study of Pictish history to be an interesting intellectual exercise, I also enjoy re-creating aspects of Pictish culture through my involvement in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

This blog is a hodge-podge of sewing projects, Pictish history, Adventures in Real Life, dealing highly addictive substances (like linen), and other things that amuse me.